Corvus v. 2021.2.0

Release date: 
Saturday, 30. October 2021
English, Czech, German, Polish, Slovak, Italian
Supported versions of the operating system Android: 
6.0 Marshmallow, 6.0.1 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 7.1 Nougat, 7.1.1 Nougat, 7.1.2 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, 8.1 Oreo, 9.0 Pie, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0
Application to download: 

ATTENTION: We are committed to moving with the times and bringing to you, the Corvus user, advanced features that will make your life much easier. However, these require the use of adequate hardware as well as an operating system. That is why Corvus from this version onwards will be installable on Android smartphones with Android version 6.0 or higher. We believe that you will welcome this step, as it will bring even more unique helpful features to you.

New module: 
Optical Text Recognition

It enables fast reading (performs OCR on the image from the camera and thus allows to quickly read texts on objects around us), document scanning (possibility to scan a specific paper with text) and also includes a history of recognized texts.

New feature or improvement: 
It is now possible to type using Braille keyboard in all edit boxes (that in Corvus environment but also in Android UI). The braille keyboard can be set as primary, or secondary where it only activates when the phone rotates to specific positions. On the table and in-hand modes are supported, and the keyboard can also be used to efficiently edit typed text. See MENU>HELP>GESTURES or the user guide for more detailed description.
Corvus now allows you to perform optical text recognition on graphic files (jpg, png, pdf containing graphics...) Double tap on the corresponding file in the file manager, or use the context menu item of the file manager to activate this functionality.
It is now possible (works on phones running Android 8.0 or later) to route speech output via stream dedicated to accessibility services, making then possible to control speech and media volumes independently. The option needs to be activated in MENU>SETTINGS>SPEECH. Volumes can then be adjusted using items in MENU>SETTINGS>SOUND, or using 2-shift to switch modes and then 2-shift gestures up and down respectively (see MENU>SETTINGS>GESTURES>UNIVERSAL GESTURES and there the option "Gestures for adjusting the volume adjusts:" setting). See the user manual for details.
Main screen shortcut gestures have been extended to support three-finger gestures. So, you currently have 30 shortcuts at your disposal.
It is now possible to use three fingers double touch on main screen to open Android applications.
The music player now allows you to play a folder (see the file manager context menu). The files contained in the folder are played back, including the files contained in its subfolders. If a bookmark exists for the folder and the folder does not contain subfolders, then playback of that folder continues from the location referenced by the bookmark.
The Podcasts and RSS app (we changed the name of RSS reader in this version) now allows you to search for podcasts via Apple's podcasts feature. See the context menu on the main screen of the app.
It is now possible to access audio tracks of commented films in webpage page (contents only in Slovak and Czech language) using books downloader application.
Corvus voice assistant now lets you to use voice command to find books. Works in Slovak and Czech language. See MENU>HELP>COMMANDS for voice control.
Corvus can now be better controlled using an external keyboard connected to the device. Many shortcuts are available in both the special environment and in screen reader mode. See the chapter controlling with an external keyboard in the User's Guide for more information.
In the music player settings, it is now possible to set automatic bookmark creation also to "automatically, but only in bookmark folders". In this mode, Corvus will automatically create bookmarks when playback is stopped for files located in folders or subfolders of folders set as destinations for downloading books or magazines from one of the libraries in books downloader application.
It is now possible to choose input source in recorder application. You can try to test all possible inputs and find which is best for you.
Functionality or controll change: 
Free version of Corvus now contains books downloading application.
Corvus is now forced to use Google tts on pin screen after boot of the device. This fixes a problem on Samsung devices which starts without speech because of nonfunctioning Slovak voice in Samsung tts.
We dramatically improved Corvus keyboard used in standard Android edits. Typing and confirming text is more reliable in all types of edits.
The screen informing about finish of particular timer now contains the word “finished” after the name of the timer.
New timers must have defined name since this version.
Corvus contains latest version of CashReader library and supports some new currencies.
Corvus keyboards now contains space on button zero when typing numbers. Slovak layout now contains diacritical characters of Czech alphabet.
The shortcut gesture used to toggle shading is now disabled on new installations of Corvus. You can enable it using option in settings>gestures>universal gestures.
Informational message which is printed after channels update in podcasts application now contains only info about channels which contains some new items, not about all tracked channels.
Fixed bug: 
The context menu window in text files reader now contains proper window title.
Fixed a bug that caused that internet radio application worked unexpectedly in some situations.
Fixed a bug which caused that alarm which played internet stream didn’t start to play it if user listened other media in music player in that time. We now play alarm tone in this situation.
Fixed a bug which caused that the title of edit timer window didn’t change immediately when user changed the name of that timer.
Fixed a bug which caused that it was not possible to jump to percentage in document reader.
We now properly show keyboard when editing heading marks in text files reader settings.
We now use proper window title when choosing internet stream to play in alarm settings.
Fixed a bug which caused a crash of application when user tried to set maximum playback speed using gesture on music player playback screen.
It is now not possible to set user name and password in books downloader for libraries which are accessible without user credentials (E.G. LibriVox library).
Fixed a bug which caused that value of during call speech volume setting was not honored in phone application.
It is now not possible to track a channel which is already tracked in podcasts and RSS application.
New items in folders of podcasts and RSS application are now inserted on top of the list and properly ordered.
Fixed a bug which caused that numbers typed on top row of external Bluetooth or USB keyboards was interpreted as digits on phone keyboards and so translated to characters. We can now use top row on these keyboards to type numbers or letters with diacritics.
Fixed a bug which caused that it was sometimes not possible to change input time table when searching for connections in time tables applications.
We can now use short press of 2-shift to stop speech also in screen reader mode.
Fixed a bug that caused that Corvus e-mail client was not able to properly identify sent messages folder when used with accounts on specific IMAP servers.